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In an attempt to better organize my social media I am going to try and blog bts photos here rather than finished products. I feel like I am trying to post everything everywhere and it is just too much and too confusing. So from here on hopefully you’ll be seeing more bts stuff and my thoughts. Then you can catch my polished work at

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New Business Cards!
Captured photos for the MohKou 2013 Fashion Show this past Thursday. It is always fun working with Kyle and Melissa.
bts with the gentlemen of Good Knight III
This is my third volunteering my services for Good Knight.
From the Good Knight page:
GOOD KNIGHT is an organization raising funds and awareness to fight against sexual violence. Rape, domestic violence, and child molestation are just a few examples of what our organization is fighting. For the past two years this event has brought together our Chicago community to fuel knowledge and help survivors of sexual violence find support. With each year we hope to reach out further and show our society that there are amazing people out there who truly care and will rise above the norm to help others be “free of fear”.
I always enjoy working with Christina and the rest of the Good Knight committee. I love doing what I can whenever there is a good cause.
Bts or rather in the scene (I didn’t realize he was taking a picture) ? From my friend Khristian when photographing APO.
My lovely assistant for the weekend!
Emiliz got her r2d2 dress so we decided to take some pictures
Another from the night walk